Oh my gosh Dee, how did I not know you were here too ?! Well, rectified that !! Hiiiii !! :D xxx

Lou, S.Yorks UK https://www.facebook.com/SugarandSpiceGourmandise

Love, love all the detail in your work! I am now following you :o)

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Hello Dee, thank you for your sweet comments for the dragon cake. Since you are using clay for the first time and seem to like it a lot more than I, would you please share the type of clay you are using? I used an air dry clay and it dried so fast that it was hard to work with. I didn’t like the gritty feel on my hands either :o(

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Hi Sandra – it was only the DAS – air dry in terracotta – it does dry pretty fast – I kept my hands very wet whilst using it – it wasn’t gritty to touch though – mind you I don’t think I’m making the small details (yet) like you have – I’m trying to make a lady dancing model with wire armature…my first time so it’s pretty basic at the moment – but I have enjoyed it enough to want to do it again :)

I didn’t try the wet hands trick. Maybe that would have solved the drying out problem. I did ceramics with real clay when I was in college but haven’t touched it since. It is probable that I just don’t have a clue what I am doing – lol!

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