Charlemagne (Bakerswood The Royal Challenge) - Cake by Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes
Sugar Dahlia - Cake by Benny's cakes
ISABEL OF AUSTRIA (The Royal-An international Cake Challenge)  - Cake by Raquel García
The Royal - Elizabeth de France - Cake by Radha Dhaka
Poppy cake with hand-painted poppy field - Cake by Darina
Latest flower cake - Cake by Noreen@ Box Hill Bespoke Cakes
Heavenly Fuzz- Teddy Bear Baptism Cake - Cake by Chelsea Hott
Cake with bean paste flowers - Cake by Benny's cakes
Little Mole cake - Cake by Martina Matyášová
Anniversary cake! - Cake by Bella's Cakes
Wedding cake - Cake by Vanilla & Me
Red sugar roses - Cake by Benny's cakes
Cute owl cake - Cake by vdslatki
Cake with chalice - Cake by alenascakes
Sugar tulip - Cake by Benny's cakes
Pink sugar rose - Cake by Benny's cakes
Blue and white carousel cake - Cake by Paula Rebelo
Italian tile cake - Cake by Elisabeth Palatiello
Elbetitsa - the magic of the Bulgarians  - Cake by Benny's cakes
Sugar Flowers  - Cake by Torty Katulienka
Teddy cake - Cake by Dmytrii Puga
Bunny - cake topper - Cake by Felis Toporascu
Ranunculus Sugar Flowers Boquet - Cake by Sihirli Pastane
A mini cake in white - Cake by Benny's cakes