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Charlemagne (Bakerswood The Royal Challenge)

Charlemagne was the King of the Franks and Roman Emperor from 768 and 814 CE. His empire spanned most of Western Europe, including present-day France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary. After his death, his empire quickly fell apart.

This is a bust of Charlemagne I created for the Bakerswood Royals collaboration of European Royalty prior to 1800. Charlemagne was King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor from the mid 700s to early 800s. He was created using Saracino Pasta Model Saracino and Fantasia Fondant. #royalchallenge #royals #bakerswood #bustcake #sculptedcake

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-- Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

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Radha Dhaka

Splendidly sculpted!

Mustafa Kansu


The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Amazing and love the painted effect of the skin.

AppoBli Belinda Lucidi

Amazing!!! Fantastic work

golosamente by linda

Awesome ❤❤❤

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Such a great work!! ♥️😍

Linda Biancardi

Incredibile lavoro, i colori lo rendono così autentico da sembrare che possa parlare!!!


Wow, this is awesome.

Rodica Bunea

Fantastic work! <3


Amazing ❤

Mademoiselle fait des gâteaux

Beautiful , il love it!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Raquel García

Awesome work my dear!!! I am speechless. Just a thousand thanks for agreeing to be by my side again in this adventure. A big kiss!

Jenny Kennedy Jenny's Haute Cakes

What a joy to wake up to all your beautiful and kind comments! Love to you all!

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 Charlemagne (Bakerswood The Royal Challenge)