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It looks like the top 15 are ranked by views and comments but some of my cakes have had more views and comments than the 15th spot cake but they never show up on the top 15 board… why is that? thanks!

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

How many times your cake is favorited is also taken into account. I am not sure of the formula and how each comments, favorite and views are weighed

caymancake ...

There are also some members who actively use fb and other media to recruit more views to ensure that they always get a top 3 cake….outside of the basic I posted a cake on cakesdecor. Not naming any names but observation will let you know who they are.

The top 15 is refreshed periodically, so I guess it depends on the views at the refreshing period? Your cakes are lovely – so don’t let it get you down!

Michal Bulla ...

Yes, the top 15 is refreshed periodically(every one hour). Sometimes a cake could have more views, comments and faves than the one that is higher, because the changes takes effect after refresh.

Rooneygirl: Your cake is on the 10th place right now ;)

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

thank you all for your insight. I was just curious about the process? Of course it would be great to always make top 15 or even top 3 but there are so many fabulous cake artists out there and I respece their incredible work and admire many of them.

TheCakeBar ...

@Caymancake I totally agree with you .. I say the same thing.

tortacouture ...

I have only once posted the link to my cake on facebook and it was for good reason – I shant get into the specifics but exactly what I expected would start happening has and I’ve seen first hand someone practically begging their facebook followers to visit the link and hit favourite – thus as I said from the beginning, the top 3 is only sometimes reflective of what is actually good! I think that’s a real shame!

caymancake ...

Hi Torta,

I agree with you 100%. I don’t see anything wrong with sharing your cake on fb or other social media but there are people who actively solicit views, people to add as favourites etc. I’m not going to gripe on it because I LOVE the positive and supportive nature on cakesdecor – but it is just an observation that I’ve noted. It is a real shame because there are soo many beautiful cakes and talented cake artists who may not get top 15. Personally I try to take some time to go through the recent pictures and comment on the cake art that stands out to me :).

Happy Caking to you Tortacouture and everyone else :D.

Sarah F ...

I agree as well – I do post the link to my cake on my FB page but dont and wouldnt ever beg people to visit or actually hit favorite. I only want someone to favorite it if they actually love it :) I like to post it on my FB page so my friends can see my work since I dont often post it on my personal page and since FB is so screwed up that I feel sometimes when I add pics they dont actually get seen so its another opportunity for people to see it. I like to go through recent pics too and see cakes that dont make it on the top 15 and make sure to comment on the ones there I like as well :)

Jenniffer White ...

So can anyone (non-members) comment or like/favorite a cake here on CD? Or do you have to be a member? Someone must really want that top 3 spot to actively get FB fans to sign up and favorite!

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

I’ve tried to comment or like and CD makes me sign in first so I think it only counts views and lets you comment/favorite if your signed in.
Overall, I think there are definitely some artists out there that have a strong fan base and very loyal supporters and good for them because they do great work and its is most likely rightfully deserved. This thread started off as a curiousity question and certainly took a tangent onto a different topic… but thats ok. I think we should all respect eachother as cake artists and give credit where credit it due – on fabulous cakes. I try to view as many cakes as I can and comment & favorite whatever I think is exceptional work. We all work so hard and think our own cakes are great and wish they would all be top 15 or better yet top 3, but this is a site of opinions and perhaps popularity and so many cakes get loaded on a daily basis that some easily slip throught the cracks and so we can’t take the ranking system too seriously or too personally. Let’s just all focus on making our next cake better than the one before. This site is so great to draw inspiration from and also learn so much – these forums have definitely taught me a ton!

Sugarpixy ...

I have seen the same thing and the great thing is that you know when it is happening. I do share my post on my facebook page though and I would recommend it. As a result of facebook folly my post do not reach as many of my followers as they use to, but when you share a link it reaches far more of your followers.