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Baby cakes by amber


Looking for a fabulousness cake recipe

I’m new to the whole cake buisness and I need all the help I can get can...

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Rita's Cakes


Any tips For decorating a buttercream cake with fondant decorations?

My twins birthday is this weekend and I was wanting to do a buttercream cake...

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Laura Loukaides


Vegan/Gluten/Dairy Free Cake Recipes

Hello! – Hope everyone is okay :) I need some help on something, because I...

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Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe Demonstration

Hello, please have a look at my Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe Demonstration....

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Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake Recipe

Ingredients: 1 package of dark chocolate cake mix One pack of...

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Who's on Instagram?

Hi everybody, just wanted to know who’s on Instagram? I’m not a FB person...

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Baby cakes by amber


How do I make camoflage fondant and wut colors do I mix to make the colors

I’m doing a baby shower 2 tier cake it for a lil boy and the want it I’m...

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Wish to purchase a birthday cake for 1 yrs old baby girl

Hi. I an new joiner in this website. . May I know can I order a beautiful...

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Ganache For Butter Cake

Good morning all….hope everyone had a great weekend (well for those of us...

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Romantic Cake

Hello, please have a look at my second cake. I made it for Valentine’s Day,...

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Batman Vs Superman Cake, First Attempt

Hello, I’d just like to show everyone my Batman Vs Superman Cake. This is...

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Sugar shoes

Hi all. I’m looking for a great stilletto shoe kit. Been advised that the...

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I’ve been asked if I could do 250 cupcakes for a wedding in June!! I’ve...

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tylose, how much to add?

Having a hard time finding how much tylose powder to add to my fondant so...

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Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress


How to structure a cake so it look like it's hovering off the cake board

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help, I’m looking to replicate this...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)



Hi. I’m seeing quite a few back drops on cakes which look fab. I’ve never...

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Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)


Jumping horse

Hi. I’m due to make a horse jumping over a hedge and wondered if anyone had...

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Ice blue colour for fondant/gumpaste

Hi Guys…..I am wanting to get that icey blue colour for some christmas...

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Coloring gum paste

Hi everyone,! I’m trying to color gum paste to get this deep pink/fuchsia...

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Feeling not good enough

Hey everybody. Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of pictures of cakes and...