How was this cake designed?

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I found this cake on Pinterest. The design, like many others like it is unique. Can someone tell me how this was designed. Was it done with an icing tip?


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kakeladi ...

Hummm……I replied to this several days ago but now it does not show :(
My guess is that the figure was piped on a sheet cake to give dimension, then gone over w/a small round or star tip for color. This is known as star fill=in method.

Smckinney07 ...

Nice dimension. I think it looks more like a tipless bag but it’s the same method kakeladi mentioned.

The piping in the sides is Lambeth method (I believe that’s what it’s called) several swirls with piping on top.
Can you see how it looks like a thicker tip was used underneath with detailing piped on top?

kmac ...

Thanks all