How do they make the entremét chocolate garnishes?

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I’ve been caking for a while now (feel free to check out my instagram here!) and right now I’m trying out the world of entremét cakes. Instagram has exploded the last year with all these entremét makers (most of them seem to be from Russia).

I’ve noticed that these cakes often has extremely well made chocolate decorations on the top. Well…that’s my question. Are they made from tempered chocolate? They are so thick yet have an even thickness so I guess they haven’t been spread out by freehand on an actate sheet? Are the made of molds? If so, how are they bent, twirled etc without breaking? Are they made from modeling chocolate?

I’m talking about these decorations

I found this video which may explain some of it, but does it really work doing this with all the decorations above?

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