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Cake Board Tutorial

How to ice a cake board with a cake already on Video Tutorial

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Wooden cake board effect tutorial video

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Love heart pattern cake board video tutorial

Airbrushed cakeboard - explosion pattern

Hi there! My first blog here on CakesDecor so hope it all goes well!! Lately, cake decorators have been seeing squares in front their eyes….. one of the latest kids craze just now is Minecraft, so needless to say, Minecraft Birthday cakes have...

Cake Boards #1: York Stone Effect

I received a lot of interest in this cake board for my latest cake which had a boot on it and so have put together a few pictures I took during the process. 1. Roll out fondant onto board. Mix the fondant to the lightest shade of the stone...

How to Cover a 12" x 12" Cake Board with Scrapbook Paper!

How to Cover a Square Cake Drum – (12” or smaller) Materials Needed: Cake drum (I always use ½” thick) 12” x 12” sheet scrapbook paper Roll of contact paper Scissors STEP 1 Trim your craft paper to the size of your cake board....