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Location: Brighton UK

I am Beata Khoo and just in 2012 started to learn how to decorate cakes. I made a cake for my birthday, since then I have been baking, decorating cakes for friends and more ;)

Everything i do is self taught and getting help from others by asking...
I work in the nursery all week and evenings bake,decorate cakes and absolutly love it.

I love a challenge, crave more and i dream one day to make something really special ;)



Callicious Cakes ...

Wonderful work and welcome to Cakes Decor… loads of fun designers to chat to and tutorial to learn from too xx

Beata Khoo ...

Thank you ;-) i have seen your work and it is amaizing… xx

Enza - Sweet-E ...

Beautiful cakes…new follow from me :) Enza xx
I’m a fan of your page as well :)

Sweet Foxylicious ...

Fab cakes new follow from me, pop by sometime and say hi! X

Beata Khoo ...

Hi, thank you ;) I will xxxx