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Wedding Fairs???

I was just wondering if many people have done Wedding Fairs? Is it worth doing it? do you get business from it? …. I have never done one and I have been trying to see any reviews however there are non or can’t find them… and some of them cost...

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Starting New Business

Hi Everyone, It took me quite some time to actually organise myself as Business.. After 2014 being so busy and juggling 2 jobs nursery and cakes its been very clear to me that I need to make a choice which way I need to go.. Quite scary to make...

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How to become a business

Hi Everyone I was looking to be come small business, because I still work in the nursery 6 hours a day however my cake orders getting bigger, first 2 years- it was just a little play however I am seriously considering change next year or so. I...

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Dragon cake 2

Can anyone help how to make this dragon in that position, it it possible And I need opinion if I can actually do something like this- or is it possible to make dragon in the air and standing on his tail like the picture? Thank you ;)

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Beata Khoo

Edible Lacquer

Does anyone knows where can I buy edible lacquer spray in UK? can’t find it and I really need it … I will be doing isomalt decoration and I need it to last me for 4 days Hope someone knows Thank you

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Beata Khoo

How to make this Amazing Dragon Cake?

Can anyone help please, i need to make this cake attached pictures, any idea the best way to make it? Please, please help! Thank you. Beata I was thinking to use wire and gumpaste and RKT. Can anyone help Please….