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Hi Everyone
I was looking to be come small business, because I still work in the nursery 6 hours a day however my cake orders getting bigger, first 2 years- it was just a little play however I am seriously considering change next year or so.
I wanted for now to be small business from home- does anyone can help? do I need to register as sole trader? and what else do I need to do? If I want to be a business do I need to bring ex amount money in a year? … I live in the UK and I am sure people have baking business from home, please can you help xxx
Thank you


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CupNcakesbyivy ...

Hiya! :)
First, you have to complete and pass Level 2 Food Safety for Catering. You can do this online or maybe on your local learning centre. Ive done mine here …
2nd – Ring or email your local Environmental Health Authority and let them know that you you’re planning to start a Cake business from home. They will then schedule you for an inspection. After this you will get a Rating certificate which (by law) you have to display. But since its a home business, I just placed it on my kitchen/dining. My customers can see it when they pick up their orders. Plus, display it on your web page, Facebook page.
3rd – Visit HMRC website for details on listing yourself as self employed, /home business. All the details are there how to start and how to list.
Very best of luck!!
Kind regards,

Kelly Castledine - Kelly's Cakes & Tasty Bakes ...

You’ll also need to get public liability insurance, should the worst happen. Most people go with either DirectLine or Sugar Craft Guild

Beata Khoo ...

Thank you so much Kelly, you just gave all information I need xxx I am quite luck because I already have the Level 2 Food Safety for Catering so that is half way done ;) Thank you again xxx

Jenniffer White ...

Congrats on making it official Beata!!

Beata Khoo ...

Thank you Jenniffer ;) all coming together after making that dragon xxx