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3D Dolphin Cake

Just simple! :-)

3D cloud cake - little tutorial

Hello everyone, The specification of my child was very simple: colorful and with a rainbow. Certainly I could have finished a simple design with rainbow colors and some clouds on it. But since I had the idea to try my hand at a 3D cake again,...

how to make bmw motorcycle cake topper fondant pasta di zucchero torta

No bake disney Cars Cake

Ready for an adventure with a Disney Cars made of marshmallows??

Interview #33: Melanie Byrne of The Enchanting Merchant Company

1. How or why did you get started in cake decorating… was it by accident or did you always a passion for it? I used to love baking when I was younger because it was my form of escaping everything that was going on around me.  I was always a...

Frozen Cake Tutorials #5: How to make ELSA, 3-d!

Hope you all enjoy! Pop over to my facebook page if you want to follow along!

3D Cake Flamingo Lady Barbette

CakesDecor Theme: Wedding Cakes - Part 15

Hi Everyone!! It’s “wedding cakes” theme time, it came round so quickly! There have been so many beautiful wedding cakes posted this last month and I have tried to showcase as many as I can. I would have liked to have posted them all but it’s...

how to make baby cake topper fondant pasta di zucchero torta decorata

CakesDecor Awards - Beach Cakes #1: Announcement

Theme: Beach Cakes Water, sand, beach chairs and parasol – for beach lovers, there’s nothing better than laying down on the beach and listening the sound of sea waves. What’s the next best thing? — Creating that beach atmosphere in a “beach...