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chocolate clay vs fondant???

Hi guys :) I’ve just started making people figurines out of fondant. I just wanted people’s opinions between fondant and chocolate clay? Which is the best to produce more detailed work?

Introduction to Sugar (Gumpaste) Flower Making

This is a simple introduction to sugar (gumpaste) flower making, based on common questions asked. If you are totally new to flower making it is best to start with some simple leaves – this will get you used to using the paste (rolling and...

Rose thorn

Hope you can understand from images what I wanted to show you, it’s easy, just look carefully and enjoy.Rose with thorns are much more realistic, after you made the thorns, dust them with a little bit brown ,and a little bit red :)

Quick Ref Guide - Wire Gauges for Sugar (Gumpaste) Flowers

Reference chart… very useful for beginners and intermittent flower makers

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 3.06 / June 2014

Hello my Lovelies, What a special month it has been! An amazing group of people in Kate’s little home town of Benalla got together a ‘Shave for Kate’ fundraiser and with lots of hard work and bravery raised a whopping $14K!! One of those...

Grain tutorial

This is my way to do the grain! And when I had a lot of time, I have made them again, but this time I’ve made those ’’mustaches’’ a little bit longer :)


What do you say like figure???

Making a Rose with White Chocolate Modelling Paste

Making a Rose with Modelling Chocolate Tutorial I loved how fun and different these were to make. I found chocolate to be much more slap-dash than what sugarcraft is. When you use flower paste to model your flowers you use very precise methods,...

Ruffled Topper for Cookies & Cupcakes

Quick and easy tutorial for sea coral!

If you don’t have a shaper like the one pictured in the last picture, just use anything that has a curvature like an empty paper towel roll! Thanks for looking!!