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The making of the dreaming girl❤ #2: Part 2

The making of the dreaming girl❤ #1: Part 1

Here are some steps of the making of this character I loved, from my contribution to Dreamland collaboration …hope it can be helpful !❤

UNICORN CAKE - Video Tutorial

Meet Elsie the Unicorn! – You can learn how to make this cake, completely free on my YouTube Channel here: I hope you like it! I’ll be uploading new tutorials as often as I can, so be sure to...

The Caketastics #2: Tha caketastics collaboration

In 2016, as revenge for their defeat in Barcelona, the surviving ringleaders of the alien army have decided to orchestrate a simultaneous worldwide attack. But, as they do not have enough power, they are transforming all living beings into...

Music Around the World - Cake Notes #2: 2 days left!

A big concert is coming! Please stay tuned! <3

Interview #49: Jessica MV

Jessica’s: CakesDecor Profile | Facebook Page | Website Interview 1. Tell us a little about yourself, family, where do you live and what did you do for a living before making cakes if anything? I was born and have been living in Vietnam....

Spooky Tombstone Cookies for Halloween

I can’t believe it is almost Halloween and time to start holiday baking! Ergo I created these Spooky Tombstone Cookies in a graveyard for this week’s video tutorial. Each tombstones is decorated with edible cobwebs, creepy spiders,...

How to make Buttercream floral wreath cake with ombre effect.

Learn how to make buttercream roses, pipe chrysanthemums and create this Autumnal floral wreath cake with ombre effect.


CakesDecor Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

Hello everyone! Some adorable and very cute cakes this week! I love Little Red Riding Hood and we have some fabulous examples here. Please feel free to add any of your Riding Hood cakes below! Congratulations to everyone featured –...