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Kawaii Ice Cream Cake Tutorial

Full FREE step-by-step tutorial available on my YouTube channel:

How to Decorate Dimensional Stone Marble Cookies 🍵🌿💐

I love this technique for creating stone marble with royal icing, I first tried it last Autumn. You can see a detailed version of stone marbling in my tutorial Falling for Autumn Cookies! For this week’s tutorial I’ll...

How to Add LED Lighting to Cakes

I did a video on tips for adding LED lighting to your cakes. I have done 3 cakes with LED lights. It’s pretty simple just takes some design planning. Video:

Sugarcraft: Materials , Techniques etc #4: Cold Porcelain Recipe

This recipe is’t mine, but it pretty much reflects most of what’s out there for basic Cold Porcelain. I did my own vid as I wanted to try out easy to find UK ingredients and add ‘troubleshooting’ bit at the end. The result is consistent and CP...

Red Velvet cupcakes

In this vidio I share with yours a recipie of Red Velvet cupcakes. Click here in the link and I hope you enjoy! “:”;

CakesDecor Theme: Painted Cakes

This week we are showcasing beautiful painted cakes! So much talent and skill goes into making these types of cakes, truly gorgeous inspiration. Thank you so much to everyone featured and a big congratulations!! Elli :-) x ...

Mini dolls placeholder cookies

Today I want to show you the placeholders for my birthday in summer 2012. I made them with my sister Stefania. The cookies are in pastry and the dolls are in fondant. The colors match the tablecloth. Here is some photographs of the modelling,...

Cupcakes & Cakes: General #3: Breakfast at Tiffany's Bracelet

I love an odd cake with some unusual technicality to reproduce, this cake was fun to make, that’s for sure, another ‘blast from the past’ here.

Decoration, figures, flowers #6: Little teddy bear

Tree bark tutorial - video