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How to torte/cut a cake level

I made a quick video on how I cut my cakes. I’m pretty sure I learned this from another baker but I can’t pinpoint exactly where, but I’ve been using this technique on all my cakes for the last couple of years and its better than using...

Tutorial-Unwired Anemone

Introduction: This tutorial gives you instructions on how to create the flowers in the centre of my stained glass cake To start with, let’s talk a little bit about this flower. The number of petals ranges from about 5-15, and they are...

Barney Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial for those wanting to try making Barney:) I did this for a cake I had a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun sharing how I did barney:) Enjoy!

Beginners Tutorial - Working with Cutters

Fondant Feathers #1: Making a feather with fondant!

I love to keep everything I do, very simple….but simple doesnt always mean EASY! Lol For this tutorial, you may want to use Gumpaste… I used Wilton Fondant (For the record, I ALWAYS use the Liz Marek Recipe, but for these, I wanted them to get...

Sugar Flowers by Frances #1: Wired Sugar Lily by Frances McNaughton

Interviews #16: Karen Portaleo

Bio I studied art at the Ringling School of Art and Design, jewellery at Georgia State University, jewellery, enamelling, copper smithing, glass and porcelain at Penland School, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the Atlanta...

My journey into cake decorating and flower making

I have been making cupcakes for about 9 months now and have just started making sugar flowers, wired and unwired, I am thoroughly enjoying my journey, come follow me as I progress into the world of cake decorating x

Flamboyant Mayflower Petal Cake

While Sydney was home this past weekend, for a VERY short time, we visited the Botanical gardens. As we walked around the flowers and greenery I saw a Flamboyant Mayflower and became mesmerized by it’s beauty!... Cake Themes #13: Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste Flowers

It’s been a long time I posted a Blog entry to this Series. I noticed that there were lot of Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste flowers posted lately and I would like to show you some of them on one place. If you know about any other flowers that are on...