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Alice in Wonderland doll cake

Alice in Wonderland Disney version doll cake :) if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

From me to you...

Made this tutorial with lots of fun. Hope you like it!

Titanic airbrushed cake

I hope you enjoy it! I’ve been working for 3 day on it, and I’m so touched by the story. I make a little video for you! Follow me on Facebook page : @fatihakadicakedesigner Instagram: Fatiha...

Simple Ninja Turtles cake

This is quite easy Ninja Turtles cake, but I think it looks nice and can make a child very happy:) For more videos like this, subscribe to my channel:)

Transfer printed images directly onto fondant and other surfaces

Sharing an exciting new technique I came up with to transfer printed images straight onto fondant or other smooth surfaces! Best thing is that you can use it on curved as well as flat surfaces! If you think it’s cool, please “LIKE” and “SHARE” it...

Buttercream Cacti cupcake garden tutorial

Here’s my latest YouTube tutorial on how to make your own yummy buttercream cacti garden.

Pepper Posh interviews... #3: Carla Puig

Today I am pleased to share with you another interview with an artist who has been collecting prize after prize in international competitions, a great fan of the plastic chocolate … Carla Puig! Come learn more of this magnificent artist! ...

4th of July brownies!

How to make a Watercolor Cake

Hi Sweeties, I hope you like my latest cake, I loved making it because it was really easy to do and it was like painting on a canvas plus it was really relaxing! I hope you like it too XOXO

Little man