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Pillow cake

The tutorial for the Wilton pan pillow cake was wonderful. I need to know what cake mixes were used, were they altered to make them more stable? I used a regular cake mix and it fell apart. Thank you!

Cute frog tutorial :)

Hi! Do you want to know how to make this little guy? :) It’s easy! Just follow the steps below :)

Easy, cheap fondant molds Tutorial

Ok here it is… tutorial #3! A quick little video, where I will show you how to make your own molds for Elsa, or anything eles you may want to make a mold of! Be sure to “follow” me here and “subscribe” to my channel so you can see it first!!...

Frozen cake

coming soon.. making your own fondant molds

I am really enjoying doing tutorials! I am going to be making a tutorial of how to make your own fondant molds really soon!! I was scratching my head a few years ago of how to get button molds, and wanted alot of different kinds, the really...

Tutorial: Making of Balou and Mowgli

Recently I have posted the whole cake of Balou and Mowgli. This cake was prepared for friends to celebrate new years eve. The kids asked for a junglebook themed cake and when a found a statue of Balou and Mowgli I challenged myself to turn it...

My friend's first cake post on CD

All, I just wanted to post that my dear friend Sarah of Sarahjanescakeworld has just posted her very first cake on CD and it took a few of us much encouragement to get her to finally do it! So please if you can spare a minute and pop by and say...

Step by step pictures of Walking Dead - Daryl cake

We have a step by step album of this cake on facebook if you want to see how it was made. “WALKING DEAD CAKE “:”;

General cake decorating tutorials #18: Fondant bunting on a cake

How to make fondant bunting on a cake If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Fondant Cake Toppers #13: Learn how to Make Olaf from Disney's Frozen