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Hallie Step by Step - Doc McStuffins

Here you can see some of the pictures I took, where I try to show the step by step. I hope you like it :) Tutorial : Cake:...

Wings of a dove

Having Fun with The Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating

Lambeth method of piping is one of the most skilled techniques in cake decorating. In 1934 Joseph Lambeth shared his ornate style of cake decorating when he wrote and published his book The Lambeth Method of Cake Decorating. If you find a...

Do you knit or crochet?

Hey all, I just wanted to welcome you on our community websites for Knitters and Crocheters. Feel free to join or help us by spreading the word. Thank you!! Knit.Community and Crochet.Community

My sons 18th birthday cake

I don’t make cakes very often but made a couple for family and friends and decided I wanted to make my son something special for his 18th birthday .

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #3: The big finale... ^_^

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #2: Final steps

The making of Ariel not-so-little mermaid.... #1: Body

Anna Frozen by Bambola di zucchero

Tutorial #1: Arrives the cart of ice cream!

Accessible to all the lovers of the decoration. You will happy your children and your friends! Easy, fast, and pleasing for the tables and the celebrations of the summer!!!Tutorial that i had in the drawer from june 2013. Use these two...