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Bulldog Cake Tutorial

Meet Biff The Bulldog!! 😊🐶 FREE step-by-step video tutorial for this cake available on my YouTube Channel:

Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #3: МК Листик из Сахара без каттера


CakesDecor Theme : Stunning Magnolias

This week’s theme is ‘Stunning Magnolias’. Absolutely gorgeous sugar flowers and cakes! A beautiful selection for your inspiration. Big congratulations and thank you to everyone featured! I love these so much!! Elli :-) x Sorry am still...

New Cookies Facebook Page

Hey all fellow cake and cookie decorating enthusiasts. After creating new cookies section on CakesDecor, we decided to create new Cookies Facebook page to give more media space to cookies and separate them from cakes. See new Cookies Facebook...

Owl cake topper tutorial

This is an Owl cake topper tutorial I made recently. Enjoy!

New Cookies Section!

Hey all, We’re proudly announcing you the new cookies section here on CakesDecor. Bring your cookie friends and show others, that cookies are at least so popular as cakes are. From now, your cookies won’t be lost in the large number of cakes...

Sugar Flowers #6: How to make Life-like Sugar Leaf

I finally got around to fiddling with my foliage a bit, trying to improve on my a little. I find making foliage super boring but I’m pleased with the results, so glad I’d tried. Hope you find this vid useful, thanks for watching!

CakesDecor Theme : Beautiful Sugar Shoes

Absolutely gorgeous Sugar shoes!! Incredible details and so life like!! Big congratulations to everyone featured, Your work is so amazing!! Please feel free to add any of your beautiful shoes below :-) Elli :-) x ...

Retro Ice Cream Cookie Tutorial 🍦🍨🌻

This week’s tutorial is all about ice cream inspired by my favorite ice cream shop and a Denver institution! From the moment you entire, you’ll feel as if you have gone back in time! In order to recreate each inspired cookie I took several...