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How to make Anna from "Frozen" out of fondant cake topper

I think that Frozen is one of the best Disney animation movie! So here is my version of Anna from Frozen out of fondant… XOXO

Fondant Cake Toppers #19: How to make a cute little Cow Cake Topper

'Diamond Pick Axe' from Minecraft

I made my own template. Cut the shape. Cut out the shape. I used dark/chocolate Satin Ice fondant for these squares, slowly adding white Satin Ice fondant to lighten the colors. Don’t mind the white, that’s just confectioner’s sugar I...

'Steve' from Minecraft

Cut the body. Cut the sleeves. Cut the pants. Cut the shoes. Cut arms and a head. His face isn’t perfect but here he is with a few final touches.

Pepper Posh interviews... #2: An interview with Isabel Tamargo

Today I am pleased to present another interview. This time I bring you Isabel Tamargo of “Tartas Imposibles” expert in busts and 3D modeling so realistic it really seems impossible that are cakes and not real objects and people! Come learn more...

How to make Cheeky Chocolate Shopkins out of fondant

Hi Sweeties! Everyone is going crazy for these cute little Shopkins, and my favorite is Cheeky Chocolate, that is why I made this cake topper! And which one is your favorite?


I can’t believe I have just recently discovered this website and joined today! I have a lot of cakes to look at and admire! Looking forward to discovering more techniques and sharing my work and knowledge with all of you :)


Sugar Artists for Autism #5: All the pieces

You may find all pictures of this collaboration in this post :)‪ #‎SugarArt4Autism‬ ‪#‎ArtMeetsAutism‬ ‪#‎AwarenessIsAcceptance‬ ‪#‎pepper posh‬

Smurfette out of fondant

Hi Sweeties, Who likes the Smurfs?? I love them and Smurfette is my favourite one! Which one is your favourite??? ;)