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Decoration, figures, flowers #1: Frog..

Any time is a good time for a FIESTA!

When I was asked to make fiesta themed mini cupcakes for an engagement party, I was thrilled! Not only is the person getting married one of the nicest people I know, what a cool theme for an engagement! Talk about thinking outside the box. ...

Bob the Sleepyhead

Help with size

Hi guys so I have a request from a client who wants her birthday cake like the image below. But the catch is that it’s for 10-12 people only. So any ideas on how I should resize this big cake for 10-12 people keeping the aesthetics of it alive. ...

"Master Tigress" tutorial (Kung Fu Panda) #1: Legs ( 1-28)...

Hi everyone! !! I’m so glad to introduce my new tutorial: a complete step by step with tones of picture will guide you through the making of Kung Fu Panda ’ s amazing character Master Tigress!!! You can find a picture of the final result here ...

Easy soccer ball topper

I needed to make a soccer ball topper & I don’t have a pentagonal cutter, so I had to come up with an easy & quick way. I did & now I’m sharing it with you in this short tutorial. Enjoy xx

sunflower #1: Gumpaste sunflower

My first blog! Bake it UP!!

Baking, easy yeah? Hmmmmm not so much. Most people with an interest in baking, will be totally fine when it comes to whipping up that victoria sponge for after sunday lunch. Of course, theres not much height needed really….you just mix a basic...

Little fondant books

I’m working on some toppers for a principal’s birthday cake at the moment. So, I did a quick tutorial on how to make these little fondant books. As you can see, there are so many ways to use them. Hope you like it. Enjoy! ❤️

Baby bear cake

Hi, how are you? I wonder if anyone can help me to make this cake sculpted is for a baby shower.