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How to make a Nerf Gun Cake This looks like the real deal! Create this awesome Nerf Gun cake for any young boy or girl and watch the amazement as they discover it’s not another Nerf Gun but actually a cake! Simple and easy birthday cake for...

Angry Birds 3D BOMB Cake The Angry Birds movie is coming out soon, so today I’m making this very Angry Birds ‘bomb’ 3D cake!

Fun Watercolor Drip Cake Who doesn’t love a drip cake?! Well here’s a super quick & simple way to create your own in effective watercolors! Use any color palette of your choice to create a stunning looking decorated cake. Perfect for...

Amazing Tutorial of Bittersweet Flower by AlanDunn and Tombi Peck

A very young Alan Dunn and Tombi Peck …. footage from around 1992/3 ….. This is part one – The Bittersweet …. Part two to follow soon – Tombi demonstrates the Coffee flower and fruit ….

Hot Air Balloon Cookies

This Friday happens to be my birthday, for a fun activity, my husband arranged for our family to take a hot air balloon ride. The beauty of Colorado below us was illuminating and left me speechless. For today’s tutorial, I will show you how...

Super Mario Bros Cake Tutorial!

Buttercream bluebell woodland cake - piping & edible oil painting

Hi all, It’s bluebell season here in the UK, and for a few weeks we have gorgeous seas of purple flowers covering the ground and releasing their scent into the air. I went to see the beautiful scenery at Clent Hills on Friday and was...

Recipes by Purbaja B #1: ORANGE LOAF CAKE

Recipe on the link below:

Tutorial By Purbaja B #1: CUTE ELEPHANT STEP-BY-STEP

Red Angry Birds movie cake :)

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