does anyone make their own modelling chocolate?

Would you recommend making it or buying ready made? I’m fairly new to fondant modelling, but hav been interested in the models shaped with chocolate on tv shows. I am in the uk and the recipes i have seen are US. What os corn oil, any particular type, or brand? Any ideas gratefully received….i am loving this learning process.



Jenniffer White

I make my own modeling chocolate and I love working with it. Lauren Kitchens has a great tutorial on making it. You can find it on the following Jessi Cakes post, and there’s even some talk from UK bakers in the comments. IT seems that Amazon.uk does sell light corn syrup (not corn oil)


Good Luck!

Adventures in Cakeyland

I am in the UK, made my own for the first time recently, and used golden syrup. It worked perfectly! I used this recipe http://cakesdecor.com/CakeBoutiquer/blog/10


Thank you both…i will check out those links :)

Gaynor Collingwood

I am in the UK and make my own modeling chocolate – I have tried all sorts of different recipes from the cheapest Tesco value chocolate and their value syrup to the best Callebaut belgian chocolate and liquid glucose.
It depends what you want to use it for. I find using liquid glucose and Merckens candy melts make a stiffer paste for modelling. They also come in lots of lovely colours so no having to colour your chocolate. I prefer them to Wiltons candy melts.


Thank you, i will definitely look into this.


I have just made some using tesco white chocolate and golden syrup. It’s setting now, so i shall report back on the results……it was very easy, so i don’t know of that’s a good sign or not. Fingers crossed .


it worked! Thanks again for your advice.