Fondant Figurines are cracking

I am a self taught when it comes to making figurines. I made my first Ariel figurine, and I was rather proud at how she came out. I let her set up over night beofre i finish adding any details, and when I checked her, she had cracking and crease on her, I think its from the fondant “relaxing” but how can I fix her?? HELPPPP!! lol

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I had the same problem with my doc McStuffin figure. I ended just leaving her with the cracked face for fear of making her worse.

I realized when I saw the cracking I had used the wrong fondant. I used to use satin ice but I switched to fondx because it does not shrink and crack as it dries.

Sorry I don’t have any good advice for you but I can totally sympathize.

Elli Warren

Hi! if its not completely set hard you could try gently rubbing trex over the cracked areas, keep doing it until it smooths out, i usually add a little trex into fondant or gum paste before i make something because it makes it more supple and when I’ve finished i gently rub trex over the figure because it helps to dry without leaving cracks, i don’t do this all the time but just on some some things when i think the paste feels a little to dry, i hope this helps a little! and i do hope you can fix your lovely ariel figurine! :-)


Jennifer I am using satin ice, next time I’’ll try fondx

Elli thank you, I will try that


cracking and creasing on her tummy and shoulders

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I’m sorry that’s happening. – Have you made her head and hair yet? use the hair to cover up the shoulders and if she’s holding something in her hands then it will cover up the belly area. You should try wilton fondant for figurines.. Thats what I use and I’ve never had an issue. I usually don’t have to add tylose or cmc either cause it dries so quickly.


I am very green at learning everything about fondant. What is trex?


Trex is a brand of vegetable shortening.


Thanks for the link xclusive