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Delivery charges

Generally I don’t charge for delivery , but this one is over 40 miles and it is a very large cake to set up , so any ideas on how much I should charge please .


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Wow!! You really should charge for delivery, it’s still your time.

I have a set amount (£5) within 5 miles, and any further is priced per mile, so I guess it’s up to you what your petrol prices are.

This is for celebration cakes. Wedding cakes are a whole different ballpark, as they take so much longer.

I charge a set amount within a 20 mile radius, and then again, price per mile there and back.

So, if it were a wedding 40 miles away, I would be looking at around £55.

Hope this helps, xxxx

Oh thank you so much that really does help a lot xx


How much does shipping cost now?