For those of you who provide wedding cakes to venues

If you have a relationship with various Venue’s where you are THE EXCLUSIVE wedding cake provider… What kind of packages do you offer? Pricing? Delivery? Certain cake flavors only? Any flavor on the menu? etc.

I’d like to be more aggressive about going after some local venue’s. I know my taste and look are superior to many of the local bakeries that provide to some of the venue’s but I’m also more expensive. When looking at the bottom line, they’ll choose their profit margin over quality every time.

So I need to determine what kind of packages I can put together to help meet them in the middle and make my package memorable.

I am the exclusive vendor for one venue but want MORE… don’t we all? ha ha ha

I am in the suburbs of Philadelphia. My current package is basically ANY shape of pan, round, hex, square, petal… any cake/filling combo on my menu… multiple flavors per cake, 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling per tier, buttercream iced, ribbon if wanted is included at the base of the tier, moderate piping included. $4.00/serving and I offer them discounted delivery fee.

For the standard customers…. this may be fine. But when being an exclusive for a venue… I think I can simplify that package, lower the price, and have a happy relationship. So…. What do you guys do?

I’d also like to have a package (also simple) that allows them fondant…

-- Truly Custom Cakery, LLC

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Hi Truly Custom,
We also love being exclusive to a particular venue. We have one now and basically how it works is that if they purchase a package from the venue they must get the cake from us or the venue does not include the cake in their package. We’ve asked for the venue’s “per serving” allowance for cakes (a very generous $5 to $7 per serving). If the cake design costs more than that, the bride and groom are responsible for the difference. Its been working well for us and providing us with quite a few wedding cakes we might not otherwise do.