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Can ganache be frozen?

So after a long weekend of sweet sixteen cakes— ugh (Ill post those pics soon) I realized that I need to have extra ingredients/frostings/fillings/supplies- you name on hand.

Can I make and freeze both chocolate and white ganache to use in the future?? Would the condensation effect the consistency? If it can be frozen- what s the best way to protect it?

Where is everyone buying their chocolate for the ganache?? I am in desperate need of a good source-good quality ( man that makes all the difference) – I live in NY-

Thanks for any/all info— you guys are really the best!!!



Hey Mo,
I am not sure about the freezing part but I actually like using the nestle milk chocolate and premium chips I can buy in the supermarket. I love the flavor of the ganache and it is very easy to work with I feel


I freeze left over ganache all the time. I put cooled ganache in a container, cover surface of ganache with plastic wrap put on the lid and freeze. When I remove it from the freezer I remove the lid and plastic wrap, which removes and ice build up. Then I just let it come to room temperature, warm it and use it. I’ve never had a problem.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Same here. I freeze my leftover ganache in plastic containers with a secure lid. Once I need it I let it thaw at room temperature (without lid) so that there are no chunks or air pockets from the melted ice, put it in the microwave for about 10 secs and it’s ready to go!

I’ve used ghiradelli chocolates both white and dark that I’ve purchased from a local grocery store or food place like Target, I’m sure there’s a Target in NY and haven’t had any problems otherwise, if I need to go big I purchase online from the vendor if you’re comfortable with online purchasing

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Thanks or the info guys!!! Just what I needed!!

I buy my chocolate from Chocoley. It is peanut free, which I need. They also have the highest quality dipping chocolate, which I use for cake pops. I order during cool weather so I do not have to pay the extra cost for dry ice packing.