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Too Early to Cover???

Hi Guys-

I am doing two Sweet Sixteen Cakes- both are three tiered – one due on Friday afternoon and the other is due Sunday afternoon-

I would like to try and get done asap- with time to spare- (never seems to happen for me ugh!!) Is filling and covering with ganache today Tuesday- too early for a Friday cake???

I would normally wait till Wednesday or Thursday to cover- but.. Would like to leave myself some time- but not at the cost of a dry/stale cake- (I used WASC recipe)

After cake is delivered on Friday- I plan to fill and ganache the other cake- so I think that should be fine

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions-



Hi Mo, good question. I would say you are safe to ganache Tuesday, Cover Wednesday, Decorate Thursday, and deliver Friday however I’ve never actually started preparing a cake that early. I usually torte/fill/ganache two days ahead, cover/decorate 1 day ahead. What kind of filling are you using? If its just a buttercream, I would thinks its ok but if its a mousse or curd then you might want to wait one more day to start it. I’m curious to hear other decorator’s methods. I’ve always wondered the same thing.
Good luck.

Maria @ or

I generally do my cakes 3 days ahead and they are still moist but I mostly just use ganache as my filling and crumb coat.

I heard you could always use simple syrup to help keep it moist. I have yet to try that though.


If it’s for Friday you are okay to cover with ganache today. But make sure if you are using mousse or fruit to keep it refrigerated. I know some decorators like to keep their cakes out but I always refrigerate mine regardless of what the filling is. And yes, simple syrup will keep your cakes moist. I work in a bakery and they always use simple syrup on their cakes and I have started to use it in my cakes as well.