Cake Decorating

Ideas on design welcome

Hi all, I have been asked to make a cake for twins celebrating their second birthday. The client doesn’t need the cake to be too big but does want it to incorporate Minnie Mouse and Thomas the Tank Engine. The obvious choice would be a train with Minnie as a passenger but I am not convinced I could model a realistic looking Minnie.

My thought was to have the train as the cake and maybe Minnie ears in the grass all over as flowers or do some cupcakes with ears on but both don’t sound quite right.

If anyone can put their creative heads on and give some ideas, it would be much appreciated.



How about doing the Minnie ears but large- as the main piece,
and then you can have the train on some tracks as if it was going to drive
through the ears ( like a tunnel kind of thing ). You could still incorporate
the grass and some rocks, hope this helps or atleast gives you some
inspiration!! Xx


Another option may be to buy a minnie- the size you need/want and make a mold (make your own mold kit- at hobby stores) and then you would get it just right- have her sitting on the train-

Just a thought


One more in case you still need it: You could put the Minnie ears on top and have Thomas driving around the cake board. Maybe frost the cake in white with grass green buttercream around the bottom edge of the cake? Good luck!

One more suggestion, my 4 yr old nephew said you could have
Minnie mouse ears as Thomas the tank engine’ s wheels?? Xx