Ideas anyone???

Please help!!! I have a request for a 3 tier black and silver cake with needs to look elegant for her 50 th
Birthday. I was thinking a bit of bling and maybe a few fantasy flowers but not
Sure as the only cakes I have done before are novelty.. Any ideas please ???



How about doing a royal icing stencil in a damask or Victorian lace pattern? GlobalSugarArt.com has several patterns and tiered cake sets to choose from. Royal Bakery has a great tutorial on stenciling. https://www.facebook.com/notes/royal-bakery/stenciling-tutorial/256019364419371


what about something like this? You could add another tier and replace the ribbon of diamonds with black. Add a black & white flower on top. Or a big blinged out 50.


You might also consider a silver tier. I’ve not painted silver onto a cake, but have sprayed it (canned Wilton spray because I had it on hand) and it gave a great finish.