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40th bday cake- pop culture ideas needed

So— wish I was still 40 but… Alas Im not— and wow 6 years seems to really make a difference in what was popular while growing up- ha

Looking for ideas to add to a 40th bday cake- stuff that was popular growing up- from young— teens— kind of like a blast from the past cakes—

So far I have— aqua net hairspray, uno, nameplates, ankle bracelets, mtv, black band bracelets, slouch socks - rubix cube (??) magic 8 ball-

Do these ring true? Can anyone add anything?



Sounds right to me! I was gaga over my checkered Vans and my plaid Tretorns. Lots of great 80’s music to pull from, maybe to print album / cassette covers on edible images. Everyone had a boombox. Home video games were all the rage, maybe an Atari 2600 or some of the cartridges. I guess it just really depends on the client and his or her experiences.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Cassettes!!! Ooh didn’t think of that one!!! Thanks for the suggestions!! Now let’s see what I can make reasonably recognizable- ha

Thanks again