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Urgently seeking cake maker in US to help with UK/US event

An unusual urgent request here ……!

I need to find a US cake baker who will be able to help me out with a UK/US joint cake for a corporate event! We will both be making a cake for a company event that needs to be eaten both sides of the water at the same time, from what I understand!

The cake maker in the US needs to be able to get a cake to a location in King of Prussia on the outskirts of Philadelphia (I will have more detail for those who can help out).

The cake due date is probably going to be 15th March 2013.

PLEASE, even if you are not a US cake maker, can you share this widely as you can, as it is possible someone you know will know someone who can help me! I believe in the positive power of the internet and hope that I can find someone!

Jan's Cakes, Hertfordshire, UK 07780 677995, ,

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I live in Philadelphia and know where King of Prussia is..not to far from me.. only thing is I work during the day so I don’t know when this cake would need to be delivered..etc… my email is

Hi Kima

Thank you so much for responding to my quest. I have contacted the UK client and am waiting to hear more. Do you have access to a food printer as this may help enormously with the project?

Jan's Cakes, Hertfordshire, UK 07780 677995, ,

I don’t check cakesdecor that often but I did just respond to your email. That is the best way to get contact with me.