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HELP...need some help and ideas

I have been asked to make a stacked black and white “diva” cake. I am searching for ideas and also need help in the best way to make really BLACK icing. When I make my buttercream black it tastes really bad, so I was thinking fondant, but I’ve never done it before. Any suggestions on that and also looking for some cool “bling” ideas. I’m new to thing whole cake decorating thing and even though I’ve taken all the classes and done cakes for people before, the stacked Bling thing is new to me and the colors are also new. I want to achive a white white and a black black. ANy help will be appreciated! Thanks!!!


As far as black fondant I would buy it. It is really hard to get a true black on your own. And for bling you can always use the diamond ribbons at the bottom of a cake.

This is one of the places I know that sells them. I am sure there are others. I hope this helps and good luck.


I would agree in buying the black fondant. If you are using buttercream, start with chocolate and add your black. You will need much less black and you wont have the problem of the taste of too much food dye.
Black and white is the most difficult combination to work with. My advice is to keep a super clean work space and wear gloves if possible and change them frequently when working with black. Using the bling ribbon is a great idea. I would use it as a trim on the cake board or on a separator tier, not on the actual cake since it is not edible. For a really simple black and white bling cake, take a look at my photos and you will see one with a big black fondant bow. My last bit of advice, make sure you sketch out your design before you start.

Roseann, Long Island,

Roseann’s advice is spot on. And if you use black and white fondants, be sure to scrub the heck out of your counter after you roll that black out. It leaves a pink/purple tint that gets into everything, especially white fondant!

To come up with a design- think about what you and the client consider bling- is it jewelry? Could it be crystals or will gold and silver dragees do the trick. Ask the client if they want an abstract cake- a novelty (high heel shoe- or a jewelry box) or a more traditional with flowers and ribbons etc- once you have an idea of what that is you will start to get a feel for where the bling should go-

If it will be a small cake- don’t over decorate- less could be more-

I always buy my black and red fondant and buttercream- it is just too hard for me to make and get right-

thanks you all!! where do you go to buy your fondant? i make my own normally and it’s yummy, so i think i’ll do it for the white but the black..have no idea which online place is best. would also love some ideas of the best luster dust…i don’t have a huge supply and i got mine in a ft laud store. i’ve never bought online before. or are my go to places online. Great prices and fast shipping :)

The Cake Boutique Manila, Ria C.,

I usually buy from Global Sugar Art as well- Sweetwise too- Global has super fast shipping- and a huge selection- I usually use Satin Ice- but to be honest Fondarific tastes better-I just find it much harder to work with and its a little more expensive-

Global also as the black and red buttercream if you are looking for that as well