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Hi i just want to know if anyone uses a dehydrator for drying sugar flowers and runouts? If so are they any good and would you recommend it.
Thanks Hanli

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

I once saw a tip from a fellow cake artist that they dry their gumpaste and fondant decorations in the oven – turned off and just with the oven light on. I’ve been doing that ever since and it works great. Sorry but not sure if it would work for runouts too. Hope that helps.


Hi. what i use is a “drying cabinent” – its simply my oven that has a 60w bulb hanging to its inside. The gumpaste items that require drying are placed on lower shelfs. Its important to shade these items with brown paper or foil (placed in between the light source and the items)l, otherwise you will experience a colour fade.
The whole essence technically, is to create around the items an atmosphere of dried air, which will enhance faster drying.
I live in a tropical country and experience high humidity constantly. The drying cabinent, has been my saving grace. Regarding runouts, i say there is no harm in experimenting if it will work. A cupboard can also be rigged up with a bulb for the same purpose. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your comments…. I googled it and many people gave the same advice of the oven on low with the light on…. it works a treat. My light comes on with a fan that blows luke warm air… works a treat. Many thanks again.