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Cake Photos needed!!!

Hi Everyone!
Ive been asked to make a wedding cake for a client who has ideas of what she would like but wants to see some photos to give you a good impression to make sure its the right thing!
She wants the bottom tier to be round and covered in plain purple fondant, the middle tier to be decorated with buttercream rosettes (using the IM tube method) in white and the top tier to be a giant cupcake. I know in my head what it will look like but i just cant find any photos anywhere to convey what the tiers will look like together! Does anyone know of any

Natalie from


Can you draw a sketch maybe and try to picture it that way? Colored pencils?? Kids who like to draw?? Just a thought.


I don’t know how good you are on a computer but sometimes when you can’t draw with a pencil, you could use shapes in Word and colour them in to get an idea…or cut and paste coloured paper together, glue down and scan for the client? I hope this helps.

the cake girl, Australia,

Natalie, I combined a few cakes pictures that I found. Is this something like you had pictured in your head?

Toni, Pennsylvania,

OMG thats exactly it!!!!! how the heck did you do that! thank you so much xx

Natalie from

You are welcome Natalie! I used a photoshop program I have. I found 3 cakes that had what you were looking for, cut, cropped and pasted them together. I’m glad I could help you!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Way to go whitecrafty!! What a nice thing to do!!