Edible Glue and gun Gun?

I have been seeing the SASSIE thing…..It’s a great concept. Been putting off buying it, but after every cake I think, wow would have loved to have that. I hate RI, have mixed up the tylose glue stuff, done the piping gel for sticking things. I just want something to glue and stick all most instantly..Like a hot glue gun would. I am mostly buttercream frosting with fondant decorations and also alot of gumpaste figures. Any suggestions? thanks in advance



The only things I ever use are water for fondant to fondant, trylose glue and chocolate. Have you ever seen those cans that they spray cold air from to make things like chocolate harden fast??


With the Sassie glue gun you use Isomalt sticks. Isomalt does not stick well to frosting/buttercream.

Isomalt , being sugar absorbs moisture so it absorbs the moisture from the frosting.

If you were wanting to stick fondant decos on a fondant cake, it works great, but you don’t really need the gun to do this, just melt your Isomalt in a micro safe small bowl ( silicon cupcake wrappers are great to use) and dip your decorations into it and stick on. …Don’t forget to wear gloves it is incredibly hot!


Thank you for the answers you guys. I think I will try just the sticks and see how that goes.

Jenniffer White

You might want to just try the Sassie Sap in the bottle to see how that works for you. I bought 2 bottles and I have really enjoyed working with it. It has a lot of holding power.