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Cake Designing/Sketching Software?

Does anyone know of a good cake designing software for pc’s for computer illiterate people like myself? Something easy to draw with? thank you!

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Sweet Success

You can start with Powerpoint. It’s basic and easy to use.:)


As SS said PowerPoint is good. Its easy and you get the basic shapes. I havent figured out how to do any affects (ruffled) on the cakes but I guess you can sketch them on like I do.

Mirjam Niedbala

You could also use a graphic tablet and “draw” the design with the pen – like this one here:
They even have a free drawing software you can download from the website (

I have a friend who uses this to draw mock ups for her grafic design projects and she loves it!
I consider buying one for myself for some time now…


I just saw an application for wedding cake design in apple store for iPhone and iPad. It calls Creatshake: Wedding Cake Designer. I never used it by myself, but it may be helpful for you. I usually draw my design on a paper.


Mirjam Niedbala

I tried the Createshake: Wedding Cake Designer App a while ago and didn’t like it very much – you have to choose from the templates that they give you and so you can’t really create you own design…but since it’s free you should just try it and see if it works for you :-)


I just heard of one called Artboard. I think it’s an app. I saw a picture they had made from it and then the cake. They looked the same..


thanks for the information



I saw a tutorial in youtube that uses a Photoshop for their Cake Templates:

Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

My son and I have developed an online based cake designing and pricing software called Cakenote. Check it out at the following link…


Chelsea Hott

So this isn’t a software program, but this website has these templates, stamps, etc. that making cake sketching way easier and in the proportions of your choice! Check it out…