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Cricut Cake.. Is it worth it to buy?

I really want to get one but not sure whether to buy it or not.. Anyone out there reccommend it or no??

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I got a Cricut cake machine for Christmas last year, and I thought I would never use it. BUT….. I pulled it out to cut out some letters, and I’m hooked! I absolutely HATE writing on cake, my piping is terrible, in my opinion, if piping/writing is not perfect it will practically ruin the entire look of an otherwise flawless cake, so I use my Cricut for all messages that would otherwise be piped on the cake. I’ve also used it for things like: tiny leaves, butterflies, very small crosses….. It’s really handy for tiny bits of decoration that would be very time consuming with cutters or free hand….. I’ll try to post a few of my cakes so you can see what I’ve used the Cricut machine for!


I was going to post the same question today!!!

CD— can I ask- do you have the mini or the regular size?

Thanks for any info -and thanks for posting the questeion Mivida


I am on the other side of the spectrum.. I bought mine and cant stand it! I have watched every video and done exactly what they have suggested and my machine still wont produce exactly what I want. Any cuts over 3.5 inch turns out okay but anything smaller its terrible.

Nice!! I am wondering if I should get the small one first but then again I would be limited on how many pieces of decor I can do at a time & also if I am doing a tier the regular sized one would come in handy alot more.. Thanks for the info CD & no problem Mauro :o)

I have the mini, and it’s absolutely perfect for my needs, which is generally small things like letters, etc. I prefer doing cakes with gumpaste flowers, that’s my specialty, so I don’t see myself using the machine for large decorations.
(I just posted a few photos of a cake I made using my a few different shapes from the CRICUT machine)

I didn’t have ANY clue how to use my machine, but my sister is a scrapbooker, and she helped me learn how to use itl!! I have found that certain small fonts don’t work as well as others, but in general, as long as I don’t have to write on any of my cakes, I’m happy with my machine!!
feel free to message me if you have any questions!! ~~ cindy


Theres just one thing for me to do.. Get it & see how it works for me huh.. Thanks ladies for all your feedback..

Check out before you buy. I’ve been looking at both and I think at this stage I like the cameo because you can get full colour

Isabels Wholesome Cakes

I just checked this outlooks very interesting.. Are you going to purchase?

It’s something I’ve been putting off for a long time but if I had to choose between them it would be the cameo..

Isabels Wholesome Cakes

I have the cake cricut, i have a love hate relationship with it. I purchase the wilton sugar sheets to use with it. If you cut really small pieces its hit and miss or really detailed items are the same way. Other wise i love it. also you may not know this but you can purchase the blade housing for the regular cricut, the blades and the boards and use it in the cake cricut. You can not do the reverse with the regular paper one because the cake cricut has surface protection for the grease.