Applying a fondant number

I need advice on how to apply a fondant/gumpaste number 5 to the top of a half-sheet cake, please. I’m making a Disney Cars cake with the number designed like a street (black with yellow lines). I’ve only tried once before to apply fondant decs that are open like this once before; results were not pretty. My plan is to mix the (SatinIce Black) fondant with gumpaste 50/50, cut to shape and dry for a couple of days before sliding perfectly into position using a flexible cutting mat. (Ha.) Alternatively I can mix tylose into the fondant, though I’ve never done this before so don’t know proportions. Thanks for any help!

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I don’t really have a suggestion for you but I do believe the proportions for adding tylose to fondant is tsp for every 1lb of fondant.

Wendy Baiamonte

5 I usually glue a stick with white chocolate to the back of the number…for an open number i would glue to the right side of the 5 on the curve…stick a lil accent piece (like a rock) in the tiny spot that the stick would be exposed right on the cake at the base of the number. I hope that just made sense.


Thanks, PrimaCakesPlus, for the proportion info.
WendyB – I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. My fault! What I meant was laying the number flat on the cake. Previously when I’ve tried to do this – because the shape is open / not very stable – it has become distorted. So rather than standing upright, I want the number laying flat.