Cake Decorating

Applying flowers

I would appreciate any advice on applying gumpaste roses on a cake. I have 10 roses to place on a fondant cake and because of the cone shaped back I find it difficult. I can attaché them, but I can see the back side when I put
Just one rose on a tier.


I take it you already have them made. I just made a wedding cake with a gumpaste roses cascading down the tiers where I stuck toothpicks into the centers and built the flower around that. Then I just stuck the flowers straight into the cake – no need for gum glue, water, or anything to make the stick. They stayed put on their own.

If your roses are already made, What if you stuck them into the cake so that the cone shaped back dug into the fondant a little and then you can fill the gap with some fresh gumpaste rose petals or leaves? That way you’d fill the gaps? You can stick the flower initially with some royal icing which dries nice and hard. good luck!

Maria @ or

I did the same thing on my cake this past weekend. I put them in so the rose was more facing sideways then straight up and down so the cone part was toward the back. I also put a callyx on each one to cover the bottom of the rose and arranged some leaves around as well.

Thanks gals, check out the cake posted. Kind of did what you both recommended. Gotta get better at that.

You did a great job!! I love all the colored flowers on top too :)