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Hard Time Working with Modeling Chocolate

Hi Guys-

I’m hoping I can get some guidance-

I have tried to use modeling chocolate on more than one occassion- with zero success. Anytime I try to use it to make figures or mix it 50/50 with fondant etc- it never works out- it stays too soft- doesn’t hold it’s shape—-

How does everyone use this medium? and what do you use it for?

Thanks for any info —



What recipe are you using? I follow Jessicakes’ instructions, found here:
Also, I’m wondering if mixing the fondant in is keeping it softer? Have you tried using just modeling chocolate?

I use it for everything and love it! I never mix it with anything, I just use it straight. I have covered cakes with MC panels, molded figures, used it for cutouts… I bet your recipe needs tweaking. I have tried Mike McCarey’s and Baking Arts recipes and had great success. I don’t have them in front of me though. If you can’t find them online and want them, let me know.

I used modeling chocolate exclusively to make my Bonsai Cats Threadcakes entry this year, if you want to see a good sampling of everything it can do.

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Thanks for your responses-

I have been using Fondarific MC- do you think that is the problem?— I tried using mc to make a panel for the side of my xbox cake and it kept stretching and losing shape- def does not look like the results you guys got!!! ha-

I will give both recepies a shot-

I really need some classes on how to use all these mediums- hands-on classes- and how to finish/create a clean sharp cake- that is for sure-ha

thanks for all the info


I do everything with modeling chocolate that most people use fondant for (I don’t even keep fondant around anymore because I just don’t need it). It takes some extra patience but it’s so much yummier! Just make sure you are working in a cool environment – no warmer than 65 degrees F. Also, don’t handle it too much. You can download my recipe here:

Kristen from Wicked Goodies, << check out my website for free tips and tutorials on baking and cake design

Thanks Guys-

I will give it another go!- I’ll post results-

I’ve started using modelling chocolate more and more and I also use the same recipe as jessicakes blog suggested by 3dsweets. Here is a cake I just completed. All the green trees and plants are modelling chocolate. Oh how I wish I used it for the dinosaurs too as it is much more forgiving and probably would have been alot easier to sculpt. See photo here
A hint: when you mix the melted chocolate or candy melt with the corn syrup, it is going to ooze lots of waxy liquid. After thorough mixing, spread it out on a piece of wax paper and let it set up for a few hours. Blot away the excess liquid as the mixture sets up. Then wrap it up and let it finish cooling down in the fridge overnight. next day take it out, break off what you need and start kneading it to warm it back up – it will become very pliable. good luck.

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