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Duff's cake graffiti spray - have you tried it? I'm desperate...

Help! I made some gumpaste roses for a wedding this weekend and they look more pink than red and I was thinking of spraying them with duff’s graffiti red spray but I’ve never tried it and I don’t want to destroy the flowers I worked so hard to make. Have any of you tried it and do you think it will work on my flowers? Or any other suggestions of what I can do… I don’t have an air brush system and can’t afford one right now. I want a quick solution that will look good instead of redoing all of them or hand painting them with vodka/petal dust which will take me too long.

Thank you in advance!

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Slice of Sweet Art

I haven’t tried Duff’s spray so I can’t really say if it’ll be worth it or not, but rather than painting, why not dry dust with petal dust & hit with a quick steam to set?

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Thank you for your suggerstion, SliceofSweetAre, but I tried to dry dust them but the dust would not stick to it. I think it is because I colored the gumpaste with red food color first. The petals were fully dry when I tried to do it but the color just wouldn’t adhere. I mixed it with vodka and that worked but I have 30 flowers to do and was hoping for a quicker solution?
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I’ve used his metallic but not red; I’ve used Wilton’s red and had good success. Good luck.


I’ve used his pink spray, but not his red. It is comparable to Wilton’s sprays. You just have to be light handed when you spray, or it will puddle on the petals. Spray it lightly on one flower, wait for it to dry and then spray again to see if it works the way you want. That way you aren’t ruining 30 flowers.

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So my Michael’s was out of the duff red so I purchased the wilton red spray instead and the flowers came out gorgeous. I sprayed the lightly but thoroughly to prevent dripping and let them air dry. The came out uniform in color and covered up very well. The can worked great, I used about 1.5 cans to cover 25 roses. I recommend the wilton spray to anyone who doesn’t have an airbrush readily available. thanks to all for your advice.

Tiffany Palmer

I used his red, pink and purple before and they all work great just so you know for future reference. :) Glad your roses worked out with the Wilton spray.