Fondant or Gumpaste

Hi all!! I have a question I made for the first time animals out of fondant but I watched tutorials on you tube & they were using Gumpaste? I tried using gumpaste but it was to hard for me & would not stick I even tried making that sticky glue and still didnt work.. I ended up throwing it all away and using fondant instead which worked great!! In the video it looks so smooth and easy to work with..




I add tylose powder to my fondant if I need it to be more sturdy and less apt to break. Wilton makes a product called Gum-tex which is usually available at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I also use this to make edible glue by combining with water and it works great. I think the trick is to make sure and warm the gum paste in your hands so it gets really soft and pliable. You can also rub a little shortening in your hands and knead it in. I have bought the pre-made Wilton stuff and it’s garbage… hard as a rock and had probably been sitting on the shelf since 1987. It was unusable and I had to toss it.


I added Tylose and wrapped it up to use later & still couldn’t get the feel for it but maybe i’ll try adding some shortening next time. I agree the Wilton brand sucked I threw it away and said never again lol.. Thanks!!

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I also add tylose to my fondant and I seem to have the best success with Fondx fondant. I also make my fondant/tylose mixture the night before I need it. It seems to make it easier to roll in my hands and smooth the wrinkles out