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My first professional wedding cake - help!

I have my first wedding cake coming up in two weeks – bride wants a fondant covered red velvet/cream cheese frosting cake with red gumpaste flowers cascading down the tiers (very traditional). I am going to finish the cake the night before because I have to deliver it the next day in the afternoon and I am wondering two things:
1. does the cake need refrigeration because of the cream cheese frosting? I’ve never left the cake out for 12+ hours – will the cream cheese spoil?
2. If I do need to refrigerate, will the gumpaste flowers survive in the fridge or will they get condensation and wilt and fall apart? My guess is yes….
Please help – perhaps I should tell the bride to do a vanilla buttercream instead of creamcheese?
thanks in advance!

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I have heard you can get cream cheese flavouring, to use on a less perishable filling. I have not tried it myself, but could be worth looking into. I wouldn’t want to put fondant in the fridge. I have had disastrous effects, puting fondant in the fridge.
Good luck with your cake.


Every single one of my cakes lives in the refrigerator until the moment I deliver it ~ regardless of buttercream, fondant and gum paste used, and I’ve never had a problem.

The cake in my profile pic was covered in gum paste flowers, they did just fine. You may notice the flowers or fondant get a slight sheen or very mild condensation as the cake comes to room temperature, but just leave it alone and it will dry out fine. If you touch it, you’ll leave fingerprints!

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Here is a crusting cream cheese recipe that can stay our of the fridge for at least 12 hours.

I have also read in a few places the cream cheese is ok out of the fridge once it is mixed with the powdered sugar. The sugar acts as a preservative. It can’t last for days but 12 hours will be ok.

As for fondant I put my cakes in a box and then in the fridge. I take them out a few hours before delivery to the the condensation dry. Thea Jo is right as long as you don’t touch the gumpaste/fondant it will be ok

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Any cake that uses cream cheese in the frosting should stay in the fridge until delivery time.

Make gumpaste flowers in advance and don’t put them on the cake until the last possible minute (either before leaving your shop or at the event site) because gumpaste can wilt in the fridge due to condensation.

Whenever dealing with a dark garnish on a white cake – especially anything with red or black food coloring – wait till the last possible minute to add it to avoid staining.

Good luck!


I know this is old, but I wanted to chime in. Under Texas Cottage Food Laws, I cannot use any frosting or filling that requires refrigeration to remain “unhazordous”. This recipe has passed the testing in the food lab and is not perishable —
8 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup (1 stick) lightly salted butter
1 lb (4 cups) powdered sugar
1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

If you’re interested in a ton of frosting and filling recipes that have been tested, Google Texas Cottage Food Laws and purchase the recipe booklet (I think it’s like $8 for the download) or check your own state’s CFL for recipes that are suitable.

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Live the cake in the refrigerator until deliver the cake
make the flowers before make the cake and put on the cake the same day you deliver .

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I have used the Cream Cheese Emulsion from LorAnn and it is delicious. To be safe, I always leave my cakes refrigerated, regardless of flavors used, even fondant. It will be shiny, from condensate, for a while but will dry quickly. I would NOT put gum paste in the refrigerator – ever – for any reason.