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Cake baking equipment suggestion

Hi, I learned to bake the cake at home last year. I baked all types of cake and sold them at a local bakery nearby. I love making cakes, and now I’m an expert in baking. One day my husband asked me whether I’m interested in starting a business related to it. I was really excited. So I thought it’s the right time to start a cake business. We’ve rented a shop near to our home. But the equipment that I’ve been using is not suitable for a cake shop. Now, we’ve begun to plan the equipment to be purchased for our shop. We need a bakery oven and display freezer for the shop. I need advice from anyone who has relevant experience in the field. Any recommendations?

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You’re a true inspiration! Browsing over internet, you could see many stores. Select it after checking the reviews.

Hi, Thank you so much. The same thing I was followed while searching the equipment for the cake shop. I’ve gone through many reviews on the internet and found a suitable store( of display freezer and oven for my shop. I’m happy to share with you that we’ve started our shop two days back and the business is going well. Thank you for your reply.

The best of success to you!

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