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Leprechaun laptop Cake Topper - need your ideas

Hello there! Long time reader on these forums and finally have the courage to ask my own question : )

I saw these super cute “Leprechaun laptop” cake toppers on Etsy and thought they’d be perfect for my St Patrick’s Day cake. The kids did a lot of remote learning and Zoom calls with family so I think this would be the perfect thing for this year.

I needed some ideas from the creative cake decorators here – was thinking of maybe doing the laptop on top of a pile of gold “coins” (would paint some oreo cookies) or maybe have a larger stand-up rainbow with the laptop under it?

Cake would be green fondant base and I would pipe green icing as grass to fill any empty areas on the top.

Any and all suggestions welcome! TIA

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Hi your ideas sound really great 👌 I usually draw a sketch of ideas and the design is also dependent upon how much time you have, that’s a big factor isn’t it?
Good luck with your cake and I look forward to seeing your creation 🙂

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