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It is the film that marked my childhood, and who knows, if I owe some of what I am today to the hundreds of times I saw the film about the king of the jungle when I was 8-9 years old.
Those of us who were born in the mid-1980s are the Hakuna Matata generation. A fighting generation, that we fight for what we believe belongs to us, but that at the same time we try to be happy despite the circumstances and not to worry. My life has not been easy in many moments and I recognize that my willingness to try to be happy despite everything has helped me feel good even when things have gone wrong. Timon and Pumbaa’s sense of humor is essential in my life and I like having people around me who are very different from me.
I like it when people are surprised by the great friendship I can have with whom. I like to feel that the people around me complement me no matter how different we are.
✨ Am I exaggerating or can a movie really mark you so much?
When you are a child and you are developing what in the future will be your personality, sometimes the smallest detail marks you forever. I see The Lion King and I feel again what I felt as a child. With the first chord of the Cycle of Life I feel nostalgia and emotion. I recite his songs or dialogues and I feel that that girl still lives within me. And I’ll never let her go
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very nice cake. Please use english on the site.


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Love the young Simba / old Simba mashup! Well done!