I need some Icing advice please (and am a complete cake decorating novice!!)

I’m making a Christmas cake for my dad and want it to look pretty and snowy with little gingerbread houses around the sides and ‘peaks’ of snow on top. Normally when I make a Christmas cake I do a layer of marzipan, then use fondant icing to make it smooth so this is all completely different.

My question is should and could I still use the fondant icing all over the marzipan and then just add royal icing (mixed with some glycerine I guess from what I have read) on top to look like snow or do I need to ice the whole cake with royal icing?

I really appreciate any advice you can give

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I don’t know about using marzipan and fondant together. I usually use buttercream and top with fondant. As to royal icing: You certainly do not have to cover the whole cake in royal icing. Just use on the parts that you want to look like snow. Also, I’ve never heard of mixing royal icing with glycerine. What is that supposed to do?? You can certainly use royal icing on its own to give a snow effect. I’d be interested to know from anyone who knows what the addition of glycerine to RI is supposed to do.

The Garden Baker

That is a new one on me. I am not very familiar with the properties of RI.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I would use ground coconut and icing sugar mixed to make snow.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley