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Gum paste house (2-D standing)

I am a hobby baker and new to this group.
I am making a cake that has a haunted house that stands up on the cake. I made this about a week ago and someone I know saw it and wanted me to do itfor her grandson. I had a difficult time with this house the first go round. I made it out of gum paste and let it dry for a day and a half but a few hours after assembly one of the towers broke. I had it pretty thin and support more toward the bottom and didn’t extend up far enough up. I fixed it and it looked fine but I wasn’t happy. Now with making this again I’m wondering if gum paste is the right option or should I use fondant with tylos in it instead. I don’t have lot of time. She picks up on Wednesday morning.
Thank you for all the help in advance.

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While fondant can be used to make cake topper figurines and cake decorations as well, it won't create fine details like gum paste, as it cannot be rolled out thinly without tearing and it will not dry as hard as gum paste will
Gum paste is a soft and pliable sugar dough, but unlike fondant, it dries completely hard. This makes it perfect for creating detailed cake decorations like roses, daisies and other flowers.
Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues.