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Advice needed for decoration

Hi all!

I am making a strongbow can cake for a friend, and feel (fairly) confident about achieving this aspect, but I saw one on here which had two arrows, like what feature on the strongbow adverts, coming out at an angle from the cake board (as if they’ve been shot into the cake board next to the cake)
Does anyone know how I would go about this and securely attach them to the cake board? I was thinking about skewering wooden dowels into the cake board and putting some melted chocolate over to secure?
Any help much appreciated!

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Hi! I just had a look at the picture I think you meant, and yes I think they would be wooden dowels.
It looks like she’s drilled holes into the cake board and may have hot glued them in?
You could try with royal icing but I think the glue would be stronger. If you private message Louise am sure she will be more than happy to tell you.
I hope this helps :-) x