Hello I’m Sonia, new to this forum. I’m a mom of two boys trying to juggle life with baking, motherhood and career, always keeping busy. I’m not sure if this is the forum to ask questions but I’m curious to know if you prefer using buttercream or whipping cream for your cakes? I usually bake for family and I’m used to using whipping cream, although I have tried buttercream and noticed people always prefer whipping cream. My question is what challenges have you had using whipping cream on cakes? I ran into a few problems with whipping cream and fondant and fridge temperatures with dealing with condensation. Any suggestions please. Nice to meet you all and my Instagram page is damore_cakes.

-- Sdamore



I could never use whipping cream in this heat. Also it has to be stored in the fridge. Lizzo Mareks Swiss meringue buttercream is a recipe with less butter and it’s light, silky and smooth tasting like whipped cream.


Thank you, I will look it up!


Whipping cream with high fat is the most suitable. High fat cream can be whipped to get stiff peaks which is not possible with low fat cream like amul fresh cream. Few good brands are Tropolite, Rich, Silvermark.

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Only rarely have I used whipped cream as a cake topping and then only on sheet cakes. I cannot imagine trying to smooth it and keep it perfect, like buttercream, but I know it is doable.

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Hi Sonia!!


Hi Sonia!!