Changes to website.

Hi all,is it just me or are you all experiencing this since the new changes were made?
I see less comments and likes on people’s cakes and my last cake never even seemed to appear on the Facebook home page and only a few people seemed to have seen it.
Anyone else experiencing this? It’s a little disheartening as this is such a lovely,positive site with such nice people on it. I know a few people have mentioned they haven’t received the email they used to get when they made the Daily Top Three,which always was such a thrill to receive.
I know change is a good thing,but feel a little invisible at the moment!

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Karen, I noticed that the “Cakes” page is defaulting to “All” instead of “Newest”. As a result, unless I change it, I am missing a lot of cakes too.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I hadn’t even noticed that Sandra and I bet a lot of other folk haven’t either.That could explain it. Thank you for replying.x