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Hello everyone!

Hey! Just introducing myself. I’ve been out of decorating/baking for a few years now (kids do that to a person) but slowly trying to ease back into things now. My oldest is 2.5 years and can entertain himself now for the most part (yay for train sets) and the baby is 3 months – starting to have longer and more predictable naps which is going to help. I’ve always been a hobby baker (work loves me) but am always interested in the business side of things. I had an app (quite a few years ago now) that broke down my ingredient costs per recipe – mostly for my information because I try to run a tight budget. If anyone knows of something like that available now I’d really appreciate being pointed in the right direction! I could make my own spreadsheet but I don’t have the time to burn on that right now unfortunately.


The Garden Baker

Check out Yenersway. Chef Yener recently enaugurated a new tool that does everything besides putting the idea in your head and turning on the oven. There might also be something available on Paul Bradford’s Cakeflix as well. Best of luck and most important … have fun!!