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Hello good people, I would like to buy an airbrush and start using them on cakes for practicals. Can someone please recommend a good one that I can buy?

airbrushing on cake



I’ve always been happy with my Dinkydoodle airbrush.

I have also been on a course here and they are extremely helpful and could advise you


Whoops you are in Ghana…..

Luis Mercadulce

Hello Tasha: a good airbrush has to be a dobleaction one, and the engine with 15 liters/hour with on/stop when you paint only. The airbrush the store use to sale are to small for little works. I dont know where to buy in your country but you can see ours in my shop and look one with the saem conditions neer to you. If you have any question, please ask me. Luis.

Zlatina Lewis Cake Boutique

Spar ax is a very good brand. I bought mine from Cassie Brown. Look on her site :)


Yes, so would buy it online. Thanks for the link @ Jayess51


Thank you. I would have to buy it online because I’ll only get an inferior Chinese version here @ Luis.
Can you please send me the link to the site? Thanks a lot @ Zlatina Lewis