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Tips for making red buttercream icing

Start by making the icing at least one day before needing. Any and all coloring of icing needs T I M E to develop! Using about 1 Cup white icing tint it a vivid pink OR yellow OR orange depending on the shade of red you need. You can add about 1 teaspoon of any red colored KoolAid at this point if flavoring is o.k Let that sit an hour at least then add about 1 teaspoon red gel color, cover and let sit overnight or longer. When you look at it the next time it probably will have dark spots through it — that’s the KoolAid but never fear — just give it a good stir and they will disappear :) If you are making a full batch of icing (that uses 2 pounds of sugar) then you will have to use about 3 or 4X the amounts mentioned here.