Sharp Crisp edges

I accomplish mine using a crusting buttercream, hot-knifing and then a cloth with a fondant smoother similar to the paper towel method.
When you have a really good crusting buttercream it is very easy. It can be done without it, I’m just talking what’s easier for me.
You can do this without the hot knifing method, it’s just 4x faster with it.
Anyway, after smoothing my cake using a hot knife, I lay my cloth over the cake. It should hang over the edges. I then use my fondant smoother and shape my edges.
I don’t like many borders on cakes. I think it’s too busy, especially on a smaller cake. So I had to learn or be unhappy with my cakes.

Another poster said: When I do a cake I use the icing tip to ice my cakes then I smooth with a icing spatula… I too us a frosting that crusts. Then I take Kleenex Viva Paper Towel and MY Fondant Smoother and I place the paper towel down on the cake and then I smooth with the Fondant Smoother on to the paper towel. When done in that one area I peel up the towel and lay it down and do it again..

Original posters replies: Thank you ladies for your responses. I will get a fondant smoother. Hello Dawn. Remember me? I used you frozen buttercream transfer a few times and I love how it works. I love all the turtorials you have shared. I wish others were willing to share as you ladies do. I just love to learn different techniques so I can wow my family and friends.