Finally saying hello

I joined some time ago but have not been active at all Finally time to start helping others:) Jumped ship from CakeCentral — though as long as it is open a few of us will try to help anyone there When I can figure out how to I’ll add some of my pictures although they are old I was forced into retirement about 10 yrs ago :( I’m known as kakeladi


Sandra Smiley

Hello, Lynne! I’m older than you, so you got this! To upload pictures, click on the plus ( + ) sign in the upper right corner of the page, beside the person icon. You will be prompted from there.


Aaahhhh Sandra you have that wrong I’m rather sure I’m at least 5 yrs older – I’m almost as old as BettyA :) :) But I’ll try to get a couple of pix up today.


Hello to you two, it looks like we meet again!

Sandra Smiley

Hi Laetia! Yes, still together!

Oh well, Lynne, I guess we are all “experienced”, lol!


Hi guys!!!

Sandra Smiley

Hey, Meredith!